Founded in 1951, Fanaras Pharmacy was owned by John Fanaras. At this time, Fanaras Pharmacy had a luncheon area along with the pharmacy portion of the business. With an original staff of only five family members, Fanaras Pharmacy thrived for many years. The store was purchased by Charlie Fanaras in 1989, at which time it was renamed the Prescription Center. Since this transition, The Prescription Center has grown to an employee-base of over 60 in two locations. Charlie has navigated a successful path for the Prescription Center by providing first-class service and customer care. The Prescription Center encourages a positive work environment, affording employees the ability to provide quality customer service at all times. The Prescription Center is proud to support a staff of devoted employees and a faithful customer base in the Greater Concord area.

In February 2002, The Prescription Center became the first New Hampshire pharmacy to install a robotics system for automated drug dispensing. This addition, along with several other service offerings including an efficient prescription delivery service, placed the Prescription Center as a “one stop shop” for pharmaceutical needs in the Greater Concord area. These unique features enable The Prescription Center to deliver extemporaneous compounding of unique dosage forms for children, hospice patients, animals, and patients requiring hormone replacement therapy.

Additionally, The Prescription Center’s extensive durable medical supplies department recently received national accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare, Inc. (ACHC). The Medicare Modernization Act requires any company wishing to receive payments from Medicare Part B be accredited before October 1, 2009. Accreditation is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of an organization, along with its products and services. This accreditation establishes credibility with the government and third party payers, creates greater customer trust and professional respect, and represents a commitment to exceptional quality in overall patient care.