Pharmaceutical compounding provides a way for physicians to individually create a treatment plan for their patients (human or animal) if traditional medication is not applicable or available. From pediatric, hospice, hormone replacement to veterinary care - we have the ability to customize medication to improve compliance and provide the best treatment plan for each patient. Our pharmacists rely on a triad relationship between themselves, your doctor, and you, to individually customize a treatment plan that may include compounded prescriptions. The art of pharmaceutical compounding allows you to receive the personalized care that you deserve.

Our pharmacists and technicians use the latest equipment and the highest-grade chemicals to provide the best medications to you. We are continually learning new techniques and improving our operating procedures to expand our current offerings to patients. Quality control of all compounded medications is essential! Every compounded medication goes through a rigorous checking procedure and we routinely send samples to a laboratory for efficacy testing.

Compounding Purpose

Patients have prescriptions tailor-made for a number of reasons. For example, compounded prescriptions allow for treatments that otherwise might not be available to an individual. Typically we will custom compound in order to:

  • Improve patient compliance.
  • Adjust adult medication dosage/strength to be used for pediatric use.
  • Provide medication that is no longer available.
  • Prepare medication for patients who cannot tolerate dyes, preservatives, allergens, etc.
  • Change the dosage form, strength, flavor, or even combining medications for easier use.

Prescriptions are compounded based on individual need. There are many unique reasons why someone would have a prescription compounded. The first step is talking to your physician/licensed prescriber/veterinarian to find out if a compounded prescription is appropriate for you.

Compounding Library