Med Adherence

Medication adherence is one of the most important parts of the entire prescription process. With non-adherence accounting for over 10% of hospital admissions and countless dollars in lost work days, it is our goal to provide our patients with tools to help them obtain the full benefit of their prescription medications.



A free service for those needing help dealing with a hectic, busy schedule, the Prescription Center offers Medi-Minder. A representative will call to remind you days in advance of your next refill so you don’t miss a dose. You can also receive automatically refilled prescriptions delivered right to your home or ready for pick up when you are. Our primary goal is to be a partner and resource with our patients in their health care.



The Medi-Pack is great for those on multiple prescriptions, including seniors and children. By combining multiple prescriptions into one convenient package, forgetfulness will no longer be a reason for missing or not taking a dose.

The Medi-Pack program takes the Medi-Minder program to the next level of adherence. Administrated by our sister pharmacy, Northeast Pharmacy Services, it provides a specialized adherence packaging. All routine medications for a specific time are placed in one sealed packet. Packets are in sequential order based on the hour of administration. Routine medications may be filled weekly, every two weeks or for a month at a time. Any way you decide to receive medications they are billed on a monthly basis.

The Medi-Pack program is excellent for those individuals who are on multiple routine medications, are taking care of a parent or spouse on multiple routine medications or for parents of children who are taking medications at school. In fact the Medi-Pack program is great for anyone who would benefit from a little help in managing their medications.

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Our pharmacists coordinate discharge medications and medical supplies with your physician before you leave the hospital at no additional cost to you. A pharmacy staff member will deliver your medications to your hospital room. We directly bill most pharmacy insurance plans for you and accept cash, check, credit, debit and HSA/FSA cards to collect any co-pays required by the insurance carrier.